Thursday, May 19, 2011


My new website is coming along well.   However, in order for you to be able to receive email updates from my new blog, you will need to visit the website ( and sign up in the box on the right with your first name and email address. 

Soon I will have a survey ready to send out to all of you regarding a program that Zach Marcy & I are working on. In order make the survey process as smooth as possible, please visit my page & sign up. Once it is all up & running you will be getting email updates on my blog, as well as our program. :)

Thank you all again for all of your love and support!!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Watch Out World, I'm Moving Up!

It looks like my little blog has grown and has earned its way to a professional website.  My new blog site is  The new website is still under construction, so it will undergo a few aesthetic changes over the next couple of weeks.  Hang in there with me!  I will be posting new blogs on that site from now on.  This site will remain active until we can move all of the old blogs over to the new website.  Please visit the new website and get signed up (the box on the right) to receive email update notifications.

Thank you all so much for following along with me on my journey!  The fun has only just begun....there are big things to come and you won't want to miss it!!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Are You Accountable??

Yesterday I went to Accountability training for work.  Instead of focusing on blame and excuses, the training focused on Responsibility, Empowerment, and Accountability.  While the training was mainly related to my duties at work, I couldn't help but think about it in relation to my weight loss journey. 

Before I started my journey a year ago, I had not taken responsibility for the situation that I found myself in.  I would blame someone or something for every circumstance and situation.  I would claim to have no time, no money, no diets that worked, etc. instead of just taking responsibility for making the changes that I needed to make.  When I got back to work from the training, I had three different people tell me that they had read my blog and were impressed with my weight loss.  They all went on to say that they needed to lose a certain amount of weight, but... and the excuses began- no time, no motivation to exercise, food is too expensive, etc...  I listened and thanked them for the compliments and walked away.  Clearly, they were not ready to be the owners of the process and accept full responsibility for making the needed changes in their lives.

When you are ready, truly ready, there are no excuses!  They seem to vanish before your eyes.  You empower yourself to take action and overcome any obstacles that are in your way.  You can empower yourself to do anything!  When I began my journey, I empowered myself to change the food that I purchased at the grocery store.  I empowered myself to throw out the junk food and replace it with healthier food.  I empowered myself to learn as much as possible about nutrition and healthy living.  I empowered myself to dedicate an hour a day to exercise- walking, riding my stationary bike, and/or doing workouts on my Xbox Kinect. 

Once you have taken responsibility for making the changes in your life and empowered yourself to make those changes, it is time to hold yourself accountable for your success.  Hold yourself accountable and stick to your goals.  As I have mentioned before, I step on the scale every day.  The numbers on the scale let me know where I am in the pursuit of my goals.  I then make adjustments based on where I am on the scale. 

I am often asked, "how did you do it??"  Well, I will say, the above formula pretty much sums it up.  I took responsibility for myself and my life.  I empowered myself to make the changes that I needed to make and I have held myself accountable for my success.  I control me and you control you!  Make it happen and do not blame or rely on others for the status of your life. You only get one life.  Make it the best!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

I was thinking about Mother's Day and how the definition of "mother" should really be very broad these days.  I believe that just because you haven't had a biological child or just because your child is no longer with you, you may still be very important in the life of a child or in the lives of many children. 

On this day, I believe that we should honor, not only all of the traditional mothers, but we should also honor everyone who provides a motherly influence in the life of a child- whether it is the aunt that goes to all of the games, recitals, awards banquets, and other important and not so important events in the lives of her nieces and nephews or the nanny who is with the children on a daily basis instilling values in and raising the children or the teacher who has spent countless hours teaching and nurturing a child or the neighbor/friend who goes out of their way to spend time with a child, or the step-mother who provides a unique and priceless view of the world for their step-child or the father who plays a dual role, providing both the motherly influence and the fatherly one or the juvenile court intake worker or probation officer or DFCS case manager who is able to provide much needed support and nurturing to a child in desperate need... the list could go and on. 

I believe that, in a world like ours, it really does take a village to raise a child and I believe that any adult can and should provide as much guidance, love, and support to a child as possible to ensure that their future is a bright one!  Happy Mother's Day to all who have made it a priority to take care of a child!  Though you may not have given birth to the child, you may be the most important influence in that child's life!  THANK YOU! 

Saturday, May 7, 2011

What A YEAR!!!

Participating the the 2011 Promise Walk 5K for Preeclampsia brings my year of major changes to an end.  A year ago, I was working at Newton County Juvenile Court, I weighed 335 lbs and I was just starting to discover my love for walking.  As most of you have read or know already, over the last year I had a 6 month involuntary hiatus (lay-off) from work, discovered how much I LOVE talking to, watching, and teaching my son, discovered my LOVE for walking, decided to take a different and more positive view on life in general, have lost 127 lbs (164 lbs total), and have dedicated myself to inspiring and helping others make the changes that they need to make in their own lives. 

I thought I was happy with my life before... boy, was I wrong!  I have since learned that my attitude in general stunk a year ago.  Sorry about THAT!  I have such a renewed sense of life now.  I appreciate all of the blessing so much more and appreciate life so much more.  I have decided that instilling a need in Drew to "give back" for all of our blessings is very important to me.  I have decided that making sure that I am here for all of the important milestones in Drew's life is very important to me.  I have decided that what goes into my body should be as nutritious and healthy as possible.  I have decided that spreading the word about Preeclampsia and HELLP Syndrome is very important to me.  I have decided that raising money for The Preeclampsia Foundation to fund research to educate people about the symptoms and to find a cure for a pregnancy related issue that takes the lives of Mommies and babies every day is very important to me. 

Having said all of that, looking forward to my next year, I plan to dedicate more time to charitable ventures, including The Preeclampsia Foundation.  I also plan to continue my healthy eating and continue to educate my son on the importance of healthy eating and exercise.  I plan to continue walking as much as I can (usually 5-6 days a week) and incorporate more Synergize workout techniques into my exercise plan.  I plan to lose my last 63 lbs!!!  I plan to continue writing my blog (for as long as people are interested in what I have to say).  I plan to say THANK YOU and I LOVE YOU more often, especially to all of the people who have supported me over the last year and throughout my life in general.  THANK YOU!  I love you all and I could not have done what I have done without all of your support!

Will you join me in making a plan for the next year?  Will you join me on my journey??  How can I help you on yours?  I am listening!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Do NOT Criticize... Be Supportive

I was talking to someone the other day and she was describing her overweight friend.  She said that when she has gone to visit her friend, she has been stressing to her friend how important it is for her to lose weight.  She has told her friend all about how the weight is affecting her health and has even told her friend why her food choices are not good.  She went on to explain to me that she can not understand why her friend has not "gotten it" yet.  I believe that she thought what she was doing was a good thing.  However, as she was walking out the door, I said, "Do NOT say any of that stuff to her again!"  She stopped in her tracks.  She said, "What?"  I explained that when you are overweight and someone, who is much skinnier than you are, is telling you that you are doing something wrong- eating wrong, not exercising, etc.- you become more determined than ever to NOT do what they want you to do.  I explained that after she left her friend, it would not have surprised me at all, if her friend ate an entire pie or way more of anything than she normally would have.  It would not have surprised me, if her friend sat for hours at a time in a chair or laid in her bed and stared at the television much longer than she normally would have.  (That was my normal reaction to pressure from others about my weight.)  I explained that, until her friend is READY to change her habits and behaviors for HERSELF, all of that talking that she has been doing will only cause her friend to gain more weight. 

I realize that it is hard for people, who have not had a significant weight problem, to understand this concept, but some overweight people, like me, believe that they are beautiful just the way they are!  When they get dressed every day, they look in the mirror and they see beauty.  There are other people in the world, like my husband, who also believe that overweight people are beautiful just the way they are.  There are overweight people in the world, like me, who do not have health problems.  There are overweight people in the world, like me, who have never experienced prejudice or bullying as a result of their weight.  I know that those concepts are pretty foreign to a lot of people whose only experience with overweight people is what they see on the extreme weight shows on tv- people who are depressed, get picked on all the time, have terrible self esteem, have a lot of health problems, and can't seem to find love.  While it is not easy being overweight in this world, it is not all that difficult either for some. 

As I explained in The Beginning, I was very happy with my life.  I was not looking to change my weight or anything in my life when I started walking.  However, once I started walking and started seeing the weight coming off, I became addicted to walking and decided for myself, by myself, to begin making more changes.  I also decided that I would not force my views on anyone else and would not even share my viewpoint unless I was asked.  It took me almost a year before I started writing my blog.  The only reason that I started then was because people began asking me questions and wanting more and more information. 

This blog is only for people who are interested.  This is not a way to influence a bunch of people who are not ready to make changes in their lives. When people feel forced to make changes, they will eventually rebel against those changes.  It has to be THEIR idea and in their own time.  I will not criticize others or their choices.  If asked, I will explain why I would or would not choose for myself whatever they have chosen, but I will not criticize.  I will be supportive.  I will be supportive of their decisions, what ever they happen to be.  I will also continue on my path and, if my example leads others to make decisions to help themselves, then I will be ellated!!   

You can also provide support to overweight individuals.  When you are talking to your overweight friends and family, do not mention their weight, their food choices, their clothing size, etc.  Just be supportive of their decisions, whatever they are, and continue to be a good role model and example for them.  Eventually, through your actions for yourself, your friend or family member may decide to ask you questions and may decide to follow in your footsteps.  If he or she doesn't, that is ok, too.  You will still be a good friend!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Fast Food, No Thanks!

I went to the mall yesterday after work to get some much needed make-up and my first thought, as it always was in the past, was what should I either stop and grab for dinner or eat in the mall food court.  I thought about all of the choices as I was driving to the mall and while I was purchasing my make-up.  I called my husband on my way home and he asked what I ate for dinner.  I told him about my thoughts and then I said, "but I couldn't think of a single thing that I would want to eat at any of the places, so I am headed home."  When your body has been cleaned out of all of the processed foods and high sodium foods, you feel horrible every time you eat those foods.  I decided that I would rather go home and eat a piece of the yummy sundried tomato and roasted red pepper marinated chicken breast that my husband cooked a couple of days ago and some steamed veggies.  I must admit I felt great after my dinner and went for my nightly 3.4 mile walk/run.  Stop and think before you put foods in your mouth.  Think about the calories, sodium, sugar, and processed chemicals that are in the food.  Educate yourself on those numbers before deciding to put it in your mouth.  Decide for yourself whether you want to feel great after your meal or like crud!  I choose to feel great!  :)